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Old Sierra Games

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Now that telltale is reviving old favorites, it seems like time to cash in on some of the old Sierra gold we all loved as children. I, personally, remember many long hours spent working through the puzzles of Quest for Glory, King's Quest (yes, I was one of those gamers), Space Quest, and various other titles that strangely seemed to lack the word "quest" in their title. I mean, it was the golden age of gaming.

After Mist hit the market everyone scrapped plot and character development for ridiculously difficult puzzle sequences, which, oddly enough, seem to have been replaced by those sad, underdeveloped search for hidden object type games. Since telltale is one of the few companies (still around) that actually takes the time to create well plotted, character rich games, it seems they would be a good match for the old sierra games. (Actually, to tell the truth, I really just miss the "questy" type games that seem so sparse these days. I would settle for something really and truely questy. Apparently I'm a sucker for high adventure and improbable romance.)

While I admit that titles like King's Quest probably (and by that I mean definitely) had too many games created, I probably played KQ VI like fifty times because I loved the plot. (I still wish I could marry Prince Alexander sometimes). Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE Telltale's humor, but I also love adventure gaming in the old school sense. Is it just me, or do other people feel the same way? And what old games do you think Telltale could do well?

(And I still want Sam and Max Season 3 to come out.)

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  • It would also be the first time for many people like me who got into adventure games with LucasArts (aka Lucas Film Games) and never had the opportunity to play Sierra games. I've only played the VGA remake of the 1st one and boy is it hard!

  • Check for the kq remakes they have created 1,2 and 3 and its free in the net...
    The KQ2 remake was realy great.

    I lerened adventures by Sierra and then i passed in Lucas for more fun remakes id love to see are:
    KQ series
    Monkey island2!!!!
    The DIG with full HD Videos and graphics...
    Indy and The fate of atlantis.....

    They are titles in my heart

  • I love old Sierra games as much as any adventure games veteran, but I hardly see new revival of the old titles. Sierra has been shut down and current owner of the intellectual property don't seem to have any intention to create new adventure games.

    Besides Roberta, Al, Two Guys From Andromeda and other old Sierra game designers have retired from the gaming industry. It's hard to imagine new King's Quest without Roberta Williams and new Larry games (which Al Lowe hates and which aren't even adventures) are abominations. Only active designer is Jane Jensen, who created extremely good Gabriel Knight series, and she is designing new adventure game called Gray Matter (which has had a lot of trouble in development).

  • have you seen that:

    quite in the beginning, but looks promising for the future

  • Gabriel Knight 2 the beast within me and my mum used to be addicted to this years ago.

  • They already released the games on DVD...but the original makers weren't even remotely involved.

  • Gabriel Knight 1 is one of the godliest, greatest, more engaging adventure games i have ever played. The sequels removed all the *take,close,look,talk,gossip,etc* actions you could permorm, and as well lost all the charm of the original.

    To answer the TC question, i think TellTale has the talent to do everything well, but they seem more interested in cartoony comedic stuff ( nothing wrong with that ). So i don't know , i'm quite happy hoping for Sam and Max season 3. All else is a surprise :)

  • I wish Gabriel Knight 4 would get made somehow. :(

  • Gold Rush was such a fun game!

  • Wow, I am really happy to find remakes of my old favorites. And the Sarien thing is pretty cool, too. Its especially fortuitous to find out about this considering I have nothing else to do while I wait on pins and needles for Monkey Island to come out.

    As for Gabriel Knight, I never had the chance to play those, although I always wanted to. Considering the incompatability of old games with new software, does anyone out there know how to be able to play that series with, say, Vista?

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