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Things to do while waiting

posted by Borginator on - last edited - Viewed by 290 users

OK so I have my Email client open ready for the signal to join the queue of downloaders (I reckon the server is going to have a hard time at least) so in the mean time Im thinking of doing other things while I wait... So far I have played a bunch of Sid Meier's Pirates, and been reading these forums.

Im looking for preferrably legal piratey themed things to do/games to play to get me in the swashbuckling mood, Wallace and Gromit just doesn't cut the mustard.

I really wish I could find my copy of Tropico 2....

Any suggestions anyone?

On a side note, what are the chances they would torrent the game? Im reasonably new to Telltale games so I don't really know the order of service...


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