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Bone: The great cow race

posted by Captain Sugar on - Viewed by 206 users

So Im at this honey booth with this girl talking to a honey salesman. The honey guy makes reference to my nose and asks what I think of his honey. I politely tell him I dont think it smells that great, and then for whatever reason I lose my character and start acting all defensive. When I regain my senses I have the options to say to him:
What makes you so great?
And you have... an ugly.. hat!
Are you here to sell honey or just chat with girls?
Youre just a big ... beefy... honey guy!

Immediately I closed to game in disgust, those are lame choices

1) I dont want the turn the attention back to him
2) Seems pathetic/shows weakness
3) I dont care so its a silly question
4) I dont want to turn the attention back to him

Am I not completely reasonable?

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