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Monkey Island on a Mac

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Ok so using Cross over games and using This method
I made Sam and Max work perfectly. Using the same method on a different bottle I attmepted to install TOMI. It worked fine except for two things. 1 the game will not show up in the installed programs menu (Like S&M did) and 2 the game gets no sound at all.
I was wondering if anyone found a way to make TOMI work through Crossover (I can't use the other programs because I don't have a copy of XP anymore)

Anyways thanks

UPDATE: Problem Solved:
@razzberry said: regarding Crossover, I just managed to get it to work. The first time I installed it following the instructions linked in that post exactly and had the same issue (graphics, but no sound, and no item in the Program menu).

So, instead I did the exact same thing but instead of changing the bottle to Vista, I changed it to WinXP before installing TMI. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine for me now.

The "Launch Game" button still doesn't appear in either installations, but clicking around in the area where it should be does eventually get it to load.

Hope that helps!

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