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ToMI Ch.1 Puzzle Bug (Spoilers inside)

posted by Laserschwert on - last edited - Viewed by 121 users

Just wanted to let you know that I've encountered a bug with the bottle-breaker-puzzle:

I was able to steal the bottle-breaker from the glass-blower without destroying his unicorns with the cannon first. I've just used the bottle with his bottle-breaker, and although the animation of Guybrush sneaking up to him and getting caught was played, it was followed by the animation of him breaking the bottle.

Then, after destroying the unicorns with the cannon, I could pick up the bottle-breaker again.

I assume this isn't right... is it?

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  • That's not... right. Had you already numbed the hand by that point?

  • Confirmed that this happens without breaking the unicorns.

    When his hand is not numb, Guybrush get caught, but then will put the bottle in the breaker. It will fail due to his hand.

    After his hand is numbed, he will get caught and break the bottle. You receive the blank map in your inventory.

    I ended up breaking the unicorns later just messing around, and was able to pick up the bottle breaker the "proper" way later on again.

    Unfortunately, since I did "pick up" the bottle breaker twice, I'm unable to comment on how it affected the second puzzle with the bottle breaker later in the game. Might be worth testing.

  • @Will said: That's not... right. Had you already numbed the hand by that point?

    I did this before and after the hand treatment. Before that, he picked up the bottle breaker, but couldn't use it and put it back. I notice a graphic bug here: he holds a bottle breaker in his hands while there is still one on the table at the same time. Same thing with the hand treatment.
    Besides this graphic glitch, it didn't come to my mind that this could be the wrong way to solve the puzzle since you still need to pocket it for the crystal later.

  • I ran across this too, exact same circumstances.

    Found another bug (maybe three) as well:

    Find the Ancient door, but don't open it. Head back and talk to Hemlock and you can describe a statue you haven't seen.

    The second one, again find the door but don't open. Talk to the Voodoo Lady and Guybrush says he's found evidence that "he" is manipulating the wind. This may not be a bug since you saw him coming out of there and can put it together, but in games usually the character doesn't put things together.

    And also, you can talk to him at the same point and acuse him of being behind the wind, even though you haven't asked him about it at all.

  • I also experienced all 3 bugs.

    Also after experiencing the bugs the game because violently unstable. It had been working fine and without a crash before. But after the bugs occurred it would crash or freeze all of windows at a random moment.

    I'm running on Boot Camp - Windows XP

  • Both glitches confirmed. I found it very strange seeing as I never had any of the glitches reported in all the other Telltale games (unless you wanna count one time when Strong Mad's eyes disappeared).

  • Yep, same bug here!
    Accidently destroyed the unicorns, after i already got the map!

  • I also experienced this problem. After coming from Singe's house.

  • Ok. Found a couple more.

    First, I can confirm the lack of sound from the parrot as you push him through the door.

    Second, after activating the first statue I went back to town to look around. After visiting De Singe's house I headed for the ship. Whilst walking there Guybrush suddenly stopped walking (though carried on moving/gliding) and said "Mmm nice flowers". Even though I no longer had the flower pot in my inventory and was walking at the time. After that he glided after several seconds on any town/jungle screen.

    I immediatelly saved as other people on these forums stated they experienced crashes after this, but thankfully I didn't. It seemed to clear up after I returned to the forest and activated one of the other statues.

    After that, now on the ship the hand is trying to silence me. I noticed if you examine the weathervane, and most of the time when you examine other items, the sounds of the hand hitting Guybrush continue to play even though the hand is stationary.

    That's all so far. :)

  • I had this issue and was able to pick up the breaker before the numb hand except then the hand would stop me from breaking it.

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