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csi 3 nightmare

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I cant advance to the second case--It will not load. I mastered the first one but it will not go to the 2nd case.Help :(

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  • What exactly is happening? Is the game freezing up when it tries to load the second case?

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    It froze up when I was to receive my evaluation-- when I restarted the game I couldn't load the first case or the second one. My statistics show I mastered the first case and that is all. It will allow me to restart the game over but I feel I do not need to. Please help! :((

  • Thanks for the info. I sent an email to one of the CSI developers... I'll let you know what he says.

  • I've got an answer for you!

    [quote]We figured out that this person crashed between when the game thinks the case is over and when it unlocks the next case. Replaying the case without crashing in the same spot is one solution. Another solution, if they want, they can send us the file in their game folder called CSI3SaveGame1.prop. (This is the save file for slot one.) We could edit this file to open Case 2 and send it back to them.[/quote]

    So, if you want to send me that file, I'll get Case 2 unlocked for you and send it back. My email address is emily -at- (with an @ instead of an -at-, of course).

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    Thankyou--thank you!

    But I replayed the game over and mastered all five of the cases. the game had all kind of freezes and after I did some computer management it started to run better. Disappointed there were no bonuses afterwards. I hope they come out w/a new one improved and better. Is there a Csi New York out? :)

  • Glad you were able to get through the game.

    I'm curious to know why you had so many freezes. It shoudln't be that way. What are your system specs (particularly your video card?)


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