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Game keeps crashing

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I can't seem to play the game. After 5 or so minutes it just crashes (computer shuts down).

I have A ati 4650 1gb / Intel 8400 / Windows Vista x64 / 8Gig Ram / Multiple Monitor setup

Anyone else experience the same problem?

EDIT: Updating with latest DirectX 9 drivers from march.
UPDATE: DirectX upgrade let me play bit longer but crashed again :(

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  • Same here. Intel Q9450, 4GB RAM, Vista Ultimate x64, Nvidia Geforce 8600. Crashes in minutes. Will try a different display driver now.

    Update: Latest Nvidia driver makes no difference.

  • I have GF 8600 512MB. It works but the graphics is a bit choppy.

  • All I can tell you is that it's not a x64 issue. It works fine on Win7 x64 for me and others.

  • works fine for me too - core i7 gtx280 vista ultimate 64 - could it be to do with virus scanners or anything running in the background? - though i use norton 2009 atm and its ok with that running.

  • Weird, the only thing you two seem to have in common is Vista x64, but I'm using that just fine. Maybe try updating your DirectX (I think there was an update in April)... I'd expect it to give you an error message though if your DX9 installation was out of date.

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    hi, im paying Lair of the Leviathan at the moment but the game crashes from the underwater stage. it seems a bit more than the game failing as it screws up my machine to a degree that I have to do a full system restore.

    i am on decent spec machine running Windows vista, graphics card NVIDIA 8600GTS.

    Bit gutted as always been a massive monkey island fan and this game has me hooked again.

    Any ideas?

  • Wait, you have to do a full system restore? Or just a reboot? Nothing in the game itself should be capable of messing up anything else on your computer, so if you are actually having to do a system restore, you might want to do a thorough virus check or something. Did you download the game from us? It might also be worth redownloading and reinstalling, but not deleting your save files.

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