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ToMI pixelled hand

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I just started Tales of Monkey Island and Guybrush's cursed hand emits a square glow.

Anyone else encountered this?

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  • Yeah, this is a weird rare little bug that affects some systems more than others. We are looking in to fixing it for future episodes, it's just tricky to track down.

  • I'm having the same graphic glitch here.
    Will, Let me know if I can help you with any info to track down the issue.
    I'm a developer and I know how hard it is to track down some issues, so having a consistent repro helps a lot.

  • Did you people try loading a different savegame? This only ever happened to me once, when loading a saved game. When i loaded another one it was gone and i have since finished the episode twice without ever seeing it again.

  • It actually appears to be something buried deep DEEP inside the animation system. So I'm afraid it isn't likely something you'd be able to track down without digging deep into the code. But thanks for the offer!

  • I've just rebuilt my OS with a new HDD and I've suddenly encountered the same thing while doing the treasure hunt. Now I'm not sure whether something new in my system has caused this or whether it's a peculiarity of the treasure hunt. I never experienced this glitch once during my first run through though.

    Gonna start the game again from scratch now and see whether it pops up again.


    Just went to the same location in the main game this time and no glitch. Very odd.

  • Only got it during the end of the 2nd treasure hunt, maybe the first - didn't look.

  • Yeah I also got this but seemed to come and go.

    Running on an ATI crossfire setup if that has anything to do with it (two 48xx class GPU's).

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