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I knew I should not have bought it but could not resist.

As a linux/wine user I was hoping that the directX8.1 would mean it worked but apparently not.

o well they never did say it should work (but then again nobody does).

That is 35$ down the drain. hopefully some wine hacker get interested and fixes the issue.

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  • Those wine folks are pretty fast. And the possibility is high that there are some MI fans under them.

    However, somebody should make an entry for ToMI in the WineHQ application database.

    (I don't know much about the MAC version of wine, but if wine manages to run ToMI someday, maybe MAC users will have accses to ToMI also.)

  • damn time to buy windows and dual boot!?

  • It doesn't work? That's odd. If I could get my wireless internet working in Ubuntu, I'd try myself. Never had any problem with the rest of Telltale's games in Wine.

  • Thank you for the advise, but next time, please, use a post title that says "Wine doesnt work" instead of "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!", i thought you where falling from a plane or something.

  • @jamiehavok said: damn time to buy windows and dual boot!?

    "Buy" Windows? hahahaha

  • OR... you can also get a FULL refund by emailing them at support@telltale and tell them your situation.

    (They are always very polite about refunds :) )

  • @harlequ1n said: "Buy" Windows? hahahaha

    I like you. :)

  • It doesnt work on Parallals for Mac either.... None of the telltale games do
    I had to delete windows/parallels and install Fusion instead. Seems to work ok but it has crashed once
    It also works on Bootcamp but who want to do that!!!

  • I pulled out a laptop where I had some old wine (1.1.1) on Debian and it works prety ok so far (I have not properly setup audion in that comp so I can't tell about sound), mouse controls ok, keyboard ok, quality maxed (9)

    All I had to do was:

    - run the installer in wine
    - uncheck 'check for DX updates'
    - get a copy of the file D3DX9_41.dll (you have one in any windows install of the game in the game's folde) and copy into wine's game's folder
    - (I didn't launch game nor made a Desktop shortcut in the end)
    - run the game in wine (MonkeyIsland101)
    - when launcher pops up may be messed up (it was for me, all blank but an edit box to type the serial number in)
    - type the serial number (from TT's your games page) (you need a working internet connection set up in Linux for it to work)
    - wait some seconds, if launcher is blank (as it happened to me) kill/close the window
    - run the game again in wine
    - instead of the serial number input edit box you will get an hypertext link to start the game, click it and game will run

    happy gaming

  • cant you use a virtual machine on linux to run windows and then run the game?

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