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Monkey Island - The 3% Problem! Starring Me!

posted by Banster18 on - last edited - Viewed by 107 users

Hi and hello awesome Telltale Team!

First off, you have officially ascended onto a level of awesome reserved mostly for deities for bringing back Monkey Island, one of my all time favorite franchises! Much gratitude and groveling do I enpart (just made that word up) unto you.

However, as excited as I am, I immediately try to download Monkey Island Ep1 from the shopping cart, having pre-ordered the whole season on sunday. The setup starts to download, but then halts at three percent, then, after a minute of staying there and taunting me (:mad:) a pop-up message declares that the setup cannot be downloaded, for the "connection with the server has been reset"! :eek:

Much cursing ensued.

Thus do I humbly request for assistance for this matter. What should I, simply put, do??

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