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My impressions so far...

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I'm not through yet but so far i'm enjoying it, also due to the fact that i could redefine the steering.

A few thoughts on

o In a few scenes Guybrush is speaking very fast, so fast that i hardly could understand him, i had to activate the subtitles due to this.
o The soundquality in some situations is too low.
o Very good sound effects.
o Brilliant music by Michal Land, i love walking through the jungle just alone for the sound.
o Sadly no synchronisation.
o Overall very nice voice acting.
o I love the blowing wind, this adds so much to the atmosphere, also in the gfx!

o One thing i would appreciate is if it would be possible to define the textsize because depending on how far away you're sitting from the display the text can get rather tiny and hard to read.
o Obviously translated subtitels are missing. For a release like Monkey Island i at least would expect this beeing part of the game, more as this is included in Wallace&Grommit already, TOMI feels a bit rushed in this aspect.

o Most of the stuff and scenes look moody and just fine, actually a lot better than what has been shown on the screenshots before, thumbs up.
o I love the clouds.
o Depth of field adds to the atmosphere, although i sometimes found it a bit too much especially in the beginning and there are some scenes were the distances aren't set this well, for instance when you're taking the stairs to the hut, bluring Guybrush depending on his steps.
o Some glitches here and there like some z-Fighting/intersecting polys with Guybrush (shoulder, hands) or in the jungle, sometimes it's a hard time switching back from Windows to the game.
o Overall the texture resolution is okay but there are also some textures which should be higher, Guybrush' jacket, a few walls and so on.
o Some materials are as bit to shiny, one pirate, Guybrush boots, i meanwhile also would prefer a more heavy velvet jacket, like from MI2.
o Animation is superb.
o Guybrush walking over the map is a bit too small and, hey, the waves are entering the forest.
o The menu-jungle transition is great and i like the candles on the top.

steering - yes again:
o A mouse point&click would be great to have.
o In addition to that there still could be the direct mouse steering, just better tweaked in quite some aspects like (walking without the need to press the button (grab the movement mode by pressing once on Guybrush or performing a gesture on the character), adjustable sensitivity, removing the distracting circle, at least as an option.
o Proper controller steering support, at least a 1:1 rip of W&G.
o All in all i'm fine with the inventory but i dunno when you're really thinking about it it also could be done quicker, moving the mouse outside the inventory area, automatically closes it, rmb used as a Lookat on an object and so on, would have to be tested if it feels better i a whole but i had to think about it whilst using it.

o I found the intro kind of straining.
o Beeing on the island is great, especially in the jungle!
o Humour is okay to good, i also had to laugh out loud "My eye, what have you done to my eye."
o I like the pirate D-Oro, nice riddle in the jungle with him!

Well, i hope i find enough time to continue today.

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