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Not Piratey enough! Positive Thread.

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The 1st episode has been great so far. Almost done with it and I am really loving it. However, the game lacks exactly what the last 2 did. Not enough pirates! I loved the atmosphere of the 1st 2 games. Entering the scumm bar with the heavy pirate music playing was great stuff. I think there was 20 pirates in the room. Part 2 was the same. Nowwadays, island's and town's are too quiet. The piratey feel is nearly gone. I wish they would go back to the more upbeat pirate infested islands.

Think about it. Plunder Island was a retired pirate island and was fairly quiet. Blood Island was very lonely. Melee island in 4 was a ghost town and the Scumm bar was sort of lame. Lucre Island was OK. Had a few pirates. Jambalaya was a disgrace. Felt nothing like a Monkey Island game. Flotsam is sort of the same thing. Pretty quiet of an island. I just want Monkey Island to be more of a lively series again. Have lot's of people walking around. We don't have to talk to all of them just make it feel more like a large pirate world. I do understand that 4 was maybe meant to feel less piratey because of Ozzie but it still makes me annoyed.

This is the only complaint I have with the series. All that aside, I still love Monkey Island.

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  • I agree. i thought something was missing.


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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    We were hoping to have some pirates walking the docks of Flotsam but it ended up getting cut for a few reasons. Hopefully you'll get your fill of pirates and the like by the time things wrap up :)

  • The second part? On Scabb Island, I count 6 people who actually look like pirates. Two of them are hanging around a campfire, three of them are pretty much retired and hanging around on a ledge, and the last one is a mellow guy at the other end of the island. That's not even counting the normal looking population of Booty and Phat island. I fail to see how that's much more piratey than Plunder Island.

  • Well I was making a comparison of how lively these games are as a whole. CMI isn't as lively as part 2. A lot of it is opinion and feel of the games. I loved CMI. It was my favorite in the series. But it did feel kind of less piratey and lonely at times though it did have sea battles which was a huge + in that regard. Part 4 completely lost the pirate theme and Flotsam island kind of improves that a little but it's still a fairly quiet and un-piratey place.

    I hate seeing modern thing's implemented into these games. Like Planet threepwood or club 41 or whatever it was. SMI was a perfect pirate adventure game. Kind of a roughneck version of a Monkey Island game. I don't know.... Maybe I'm just thinking out loud.

    Thanks Jake for the word's. Wasn't trying to sound ungrateful to TT. :)

  • @wdrpgwd said:
    I hate seeing modern thing's implemented into these games. Like Planet threepwood or club 41 or whatever it was.

    While I really didn't like the stuff they had in MI4, I didn't find that the stuff in Tales so far has annoyed me - the club scene was pretty good actually :)

    Also, I seem to remember my first impression of melee island in SMI was that apart from the bar it wasn't very populated either...

  • Don't get me wrong, the scene with club 41 was amusing but sounded too modern for me. I did live in Vegas for 6 years though... Maybe that's just my problem.

    Melee had people walking around town and on the overhead map. 6 people lived outside the town and the town itself was I think the largest in the series. Peoples lights went out in their windows as well. Just made it feel more lively.

  • That clears things up. You are right, the previous games do seem more populated than the ones from 3 onward. While it doesn't bother me, I can see why someone would like for more activity to be going on.

  • I beat it and loved it. As for the population issue, I don't mind. Because keep in mind that this is only the first episode in the series.

  • Well, I don't think he's asking for there to be more characters, but more characters per island. That's not something that's guaranteed to change with each episode.

  • i think that's kind of why EMI sucked so much...
    Anachronisms have always been part of MI, but they weren't so present in the first three games. Overall, it was mostly about believable fancy-tales pirates, just a bit silly, with jokes and the odd modern thing thrown in...
    In EMI, it seemed like the whole environment was BASED on those anachronisms, and it was felt both in the settings and in the jokes... I dunno, it just didn't work.
    I think that's one of the flaws of this first ToMI (at least for me), it does work a bit like EMI on that level. It's done much better and overall it feels funnier and somehow "freshier" than EMI, but it still bothers me a bit.

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