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Does anyone else get stuck on puzzles for the wrong reasons...?

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For example, I got completely stuck on the very simple ninja action hero puzzle where you had to follow the treasure map.

The problem wasn't figuring out the puzzle logic -- I figured that out right away. The issue was that for some reason my brain couldn't work out what the drawing for the start location was supposed to be, on the treasure map. To me it looked like a dancing house with bongo drums or something... I stared and squinted at it for a good 45 minutes before my brain finally started to interpret what that shape was.

After finally figuring out what it was, I now see every time I look at it. It's kind of like an M.C. Escher painting where focusing differently will make you see the picture in a completely different way. But it's frustruating to get hung up on a puzzle for a dumb reason like that though.

Anyone else?

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  • I was starting at what I thought might be the X. Not at the well.
    I wandered aroung for 20 Minutes without a plan.

  • I kept inspecting the weather vane (rather than putting it on the idols), Guybrush would pull it out and i could see the symbols for a few secs, worked for the first one but the following idols i was like, wtf, those shapes aren't on there!

  • @Skuld said: I did that on the last idol. Is there another way to solve it?

    I think it would be weird to stick this thing where the other ones went with him in this position.

  • I was using xpadder to map my 360 controller and on the idols I could never get the faces to turn right (Whenever it would go to turn them it would always turn them two spaces rather than 1) So at first I assumed there was some trick to spinning the dials (like maybe turning the lower ones allowed you to turn the upper one differently etc) I started to get so frustrated and was looking up hints on the hint forum.

    I forget what suddenly made me use the mouse, but when I did.. Uh man was I in hysterics

  • I've got another one...:

    When following Hemlock's ancient map, one of the symbols on the map is wind. So I noticed that whenever the wind sound effect would play, it would be accompanied by a visual wind animation that would streak accross the screen in a specific direction.

    So instead of using the weather vain like I was supposed to, I kept trying to see what direction the wind animations would go towards. And it worked a couple times (probably by sheer luck), which further tricked me into thinking that this was the solution to the puzzle. But then it led me astray a few times and I was all... WTF... I labored under this misconception for about 30 more minutes before it finally occured to me to use the weather vain.

  • I solved it by listening to the sounds he made... didn't know you could use the weather vane for this one.

  • Same... used the Marquis' sounds of "pleasure" vs. pain. It didn't even occur to me to use the weather vain, after I had tried sticking it in the usual location and Guybrush mentined that he didn't think it had the right "slot configuration".

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