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I've lost 2 PC.. :(

posted by Albo Abourt on - Viewed by 112 users

Dear TellTale,
I preordered tomi and downloaded it from your servers.
July the 7th was one of the best days of my life.
July the 8th my happiness was broken due to a strange fact.
I installed my LOSN copy, and i played a little bit until the "deadline" cutscene (in the Creepy house).
So, after this cutscene, Tales of Monkey Island crashed and my PC reported an error: MEMORY MANAGENT, then my PC

Turned OFF, with the POWER UNIT Burned.
Then, i've bought a new POWER UNIT, but i discovered that my HARD DISK was crumbled.
Too late. The Computer shops are closed now.
Then i decided to play TOMI on my other PC, a notebook.
Same procedure. I played a little bit until the "deadline" cutscene and..BOOM!
NO blue screen, the PC turned off, and didn't turn on again.
I've lost 2 PC in 30 minutes, ironic (really no)
It can't be no coincidence.
My TOMI is a Killer. :(
Your devoted Fan and customer,

sorry for my bad english.

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