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Shirt sizes

posted by Skippy the Demon on - last edited - Viewed by 117 users

I wanted to buy a Max & Crossbones T-Shirt... but they don't come in my size, I am slightly larger than a XL, I'm a XXL. Now I realize those shirts are already printed and done ect. But I read that you might be coming out with another Sam & Max T-Shirt in the future... any chance some of those could be XXL?

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    When doing a new shirt we always look to see if there's enough interest there for sizes other than the usual. It's also been a long time since we did a new shirt design, so I'm sure we'll reevaluate all that stuff when the next one comes around. I make no guarantees of course (mostly because I'm not the person who gets to make those decisions), but your request is duly noted :)

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