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I didn't like 2 Strong Bads on my desktop, so I made a new icon

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Yeah, there was a blurb in a previous thread about who would grace the star in Dangeresque 3. Dangeresque is cool and all, but I didn't like having 2 Strong Bads on my desktop, so I put Renaldo in a star and called it a day. Check it out:


I used a resource editor to actually change the icon group in the .exe itself, but if anyone wants a copy that you can assign to shortcuts, I dumped a copy at my geocities account. It's here:

Right-click, save as. Don't worry, its a full icon group. it's not that small.

Edit: If Trogdor isn't in the EP5 icon, I'd better get to work. But that's a gimme. Who else would it be?

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