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  • in-game artwork?
    But, the game has already been made!

    Anyway, thanks for the wii version! I promise to stop asking for a Mac OS port! :)

  • Atari, eh? Neat, hopefully they do a good job with the package - the box art is looking really good and, like patters, I also support a wallpaper version.
    Also, hey Chris! Cool to see you over here on the forums.

  • Awesome. Here's hoping the PC's retail version exclusive extras will convince me to double dip :D

  • @LittleBuddy said: Awesome. Here's hoping the PC's retail version exclusive extras will convince me to double dip :D

    Oh... yeah I might get the wii version, but not a SECOND pc version.

  • Oh, It would be a rare case for me too :P But given how cheap it was for me (18€ for the whole season) I'm willing to pay a bit more, get the extras and let my little sis who isn't as fluent in English yet play Season Two.

    Wii version is not a bad idea either, but Season One's extra cd that was given in the US (thus making it the same than the PC version) is apparently not being distributed in Europe, so I'd pay the same for less value if that happened with Season Two. If it didn't, however, and we get it, then I'll probably get the Wii version...

  • I don't like Atari's latest games, but whatever gets the games out faster, amiright? P.S. You should have a discount for people who already have Season 2, and raise the price to include a DVD lacking the games on disc.

  • We are still hammering out the features of the Season Two release so I don't know yet if there will be bonuses and if yes, what they will be, but when we have that information we'll pass it on.

  • @onm_chris said: Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys. ;)

    It was announced at an Atari press event today. So now that someone from Telltale has confirmed it I wonder if Yellowtail will graciously withdraw this comment:


    To the Telltale guys: best of luck with Season 2 on the Wii, I'm a huge fan of Sam & Max and absolutely loved the first season.

    Chris Scullion, Official Nintendo Magazine UK

    *graciously withdraws comment*

  • Wow, I don't even have season 1 for Wii yet, and they already managed to start season 2? Gah! I need to catch up!!

  • We're getting a Wii for Christmas, so I hope this happens in the near future. My parents hate buying things online, so I probably won't be able to play season two unless it comes out on Wii, and we can buy it in the stores.

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