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Release date / pre order discussion

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Just to be clear, I´m not asking for a release date.

Mod edit: I understand, but it seems like it's actually time for a release date thread. I'll merge the already existing threads into this one...

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I'm just a volunteer moderator so my guess is as good as yours, but I would guess the game comes out sometime this summer (or early fall).

    Telltale's preorders for games can be available prior to game release anywhere from two weeks to around a month or so before a game comes out (with the exception of Walking Dead: Season 2 if I recall correctly).

  • Thread: Tales from the borderlands

    Does anybody know when Tales From The Borderlands is going to be released

  • Wrong section of the forums, Bro. And Idk

  • I'm not a moderator, but just before to open a thread respect two things please :

    1) Post it in the right section 2) Search if similar thread exist

    Don't take it bad, but keep clean this forum. Thanks in advance. To ask your question, no release date for the moment.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Telltale held a panel at the SXSW event, and said the game was "Coming Soon." I'm only a volunteer moderator with no relevant inside information from Telltale, but I would take a guess and say the game will come out sometime this summer/early fall after Wolf and Dead Season 2 have finished.

  • I think September/October. And hope that GoT will come out in Novembre/December

  • ###Thread: How long do we have to wait after TWAU and TWD02?


    After TWAU and TWD02 are finished,released,and everything,how long do you think we have to wait?I'd say about 1-2 months.I do not know any if any dates were specified,so don't yell at me .
  • I'm going to say that's about right. It's a guess of course though.
  • Looks like it. Judging from the fact they already released some screenshots(might not mean that much) I think it's a safe bet to say after TWD and TWAU are finished, TFB should come really,really soon(no pun intended).
  • Telltale has stated that they plan to release TFtB in the window of "late summer" to the end of the year. As long as Telltale can release the remaining episodes of TWAU and TWD by September, they can hit that timeframe.
    • if so when would GoT come out ?
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        Jennifer Moderator
        No one knows since nothing has been announced so far, but seeing as no screenshots have been released so far (and a Game of Thrones subforum doesn't even exist here yet), it will probably be some time into the Tales of the Borderlands season (or possibly even after it ends).

        It's likely that Game of Thrones will begin sometime in 2014 (as it has been announced to be coming this year), and then continue into 2015 (similar to how Telltale handled The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season Two).
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        Blind Sniper Moderator
        Going off of what Jennifer said, I predict a late fall or early winter release for Game of Thrones. As a disclaimer, I am not Telltale staff but a volunteer moderator making an educated guess (as are the rest of the moderators).

        Walking Dead, Wolf, Borderlands, and a strong majority of Telltale's past titles all have source material with an exaggerated comic and/or cartoon art style, which allows Telltale to produce games quicker as they can get by with less realistic details. Game of Thrones will likely require Telltale to spend more time and effort on production qualities in addition to possible new gameplay elements, as Telltale likes to make their games a faithful portrayal to the source material.

        Ignoring the CSI titles Telltale made on the side in their early days, Jurassic Park was Telltale's first (major) title to require a realistic art style. The Jurassic Park game was not as detailed in its presentation as its source material, but Telltale has since increased their budget for their games from Walking Dead Season 1 onwards according to various interviews. Likewise, Kevin Bruner of Telltale has previously mentioned that a new version of Telltale's engine has been planned to ship in titles starting this summer. Taking all that into consideration, I think Telltale will likely spend more time on Game of Thrones than they did on Jurassic Park.
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