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The suspicious looking agent!

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I think that superball is up to something in season 3.He's even more suspicious on his new job!!!!:eek::eek::eek:. don't u think:confused:

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  • He's in the background in one of the cutscenes after you break a personal hell. I think you can miss out if you solve several of them at once without going back to the main office in the meantime.

  • wait a minute! hell is broken!he could escape:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:!

  • T.H.E.M. is not dead because when sam & max was tell happy birthday to Peepers T.H.E.M. is just teleport in the hell.

  • @Mouldcube said: > is chuckles still alive? haven't seen him since the end of episode 104, but then again, i've only played the demos and the whole of 104, as that one was free.

    He has an office in hell behind Brady's, but you only see the nameplate in one of the later cinemas.

  • Actually, when Satan is berating either Brady Culture or Hugh Bliss, I don't remember which, you can see him get up for coffee.

  • @Harald B said: Chuckles can be spotted in Hell in What's new, Beelzebub?, so he's out.

    I would not rule out Chuckles entirely. Hell isn't the Eternal Prison of the Damned it used to be. Sam & Max could travel freely to and from Hell and Jürgen can be seen at Sybil & Abe's wedding, so that "proves" that there are ways out of hell, even temporarily. Even now Satan is back in charge again.

    Also Superball has worked for both Hugh Bliss and Jürgen, so it is possible that again Superball is working for some evil person. This is also implied by the fact that Superball dodges several questions in Chariot of the Dogs.

    As far as spotting Chuckles in Hell goes. He can Indeed be seen in the cutscene where Satan berates Brady Culture, he's going for a cup of coffee it would seem. Also when Max picks up the phone when Hell freezes over, you can see that Chuckles' name is written on the cubicle where Max answers the call.

    Lastly, it is a reasonable possibility that the Toy Maffia will be back in Season 3. As far as we can tell they are not dead, since Sam comments how the Wing of Hell devoted to Sam and Max has no Toy Maffia Members in it. Besides the fans seem to realy like to see them back and Telltale is not above actualy listening to the fans.

  • I suggested on another thread that Superball be the villan, and I got a response from TTG's Jake. To quote him directly, "Done! He's It!"

  • I doubt that was serious. Jake has never been one to give away the story beforehand, so I am sure he will not just tell you that Superball will be the next ultimate villain in Season 3.

    I also agree that Superball is more of a henchman then an actual villain. He just does what he is told to do. Especialy if it involves doors.

  • [QUOTE=Shwoo;102854]Actually, when Satan is berating either Brady Culture or Hugh Bliss,

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