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First Episode available TOMORROW!

posted by Winckle on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

Yes, i live in France and i'm excited about the worldwilde release of the first episode!
I've never played Sam and Max before but i think it's great!
I've seen some videos of Hit The Road and the humour is great.
(Why not sold or offer Hit The Road when buying the first season or in a bonus with the CD? It will be great because i can't find it anywhere)
At what time the game is supposed to be out tomorrow (GMT hour)?
Thanks for the answer.

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  • Given that it's already been on GameTap for two weeks, that would have been a wide open opportunity to hack it. Done properly, and assuming nobody inside the company leaks it, there's no way to hack a preloaded copy before the release date. But hey, this is only 80 megs or so, hopefully shouldn't be too bad. I hope the servers can handle it!

    ... And, it's past midnight in California, so I guess we've got another ~10 hours to wait. But this is going to be good :)

  • Ouch, must hurt to be Australian today >.<

    Here in France it is frustrating because it is a national holiday, so there is plenty of time today to play Sam and Max Season 1 Episode 1 part ...err nope going too far, well anyway, to pass time i'm gonna play through Hit The Road, then read "Surfin' the Highway", i don't want to miss the "private" jokes :P

  • @BarfHappy said: Ouch, must hurt to be Australian today

    No more than any other day, surely?

  • I was in Melbourne last January - that's a pretty sweet town.
    Trams rule.

  • Trams sure kick ass! They're one of the reasons why Bremen is a sweet city. We're getting one here in Paris, so I pray Pazuzu it'll be as nice.

    It's now 11:30 on the 1st of November. I'm going nuts. I need my fix.

  • Yea we love trams too !

    But u know wot Melbourne doesn't have.
    On Nov. 1, it doesn't have Sam n Max.

    Percent sign, ampersand, dollar sign.
    And colon, semicolon too!

  • A post HERE says that the game on Gametap was released at about 12 O'clock!
    with the 15-day exclusivity:

    - on the West coast:
    12 o'clock (don't know if we marke am or pm) - California
    3pm - East Coast
    8pm - London
    9pm - France
    7am, Nov 2 - Sidney, Camberra

    -If it's on the east coast time:
    9am - California
    12 o'clock - East Coast
    5pm - London
    6pm - France
    4am, Nov 2 - Sidney, Camberra

    Don't know if it's like that! :confused:

  • @Winckle said: -If it's on the east coast time:
    9am - California
    12 o'clock - East Coast
    5pm - London
    6pm - France
    4am, Nov 2 - Sidney, Camberra

    Don't know if it's like that! :confused:

    Yeah, that's pretty much what we're expecting. Give or take an hour.

  • what we need here, is an invention, that was made years ago in switzerland. everybody laughed about them.

    but now the "swatch beat time" would be able to prevent such a mess.

    it was a standartized (is this writing correct? im german...) internet time. the day was splittet in 1000 beats. there were no time difference. so if we had said, the game is released Nov 1st at 500 beats. everybody knows the exact time. this might be night in europe and day an USA, but noone would have had any problems with calculating time differences.

    read here:

  • I remember them using Swatch Beats for Phantasy Star Online. It had some cunning icon based comms for cross language communication as well. Not that I ever played with anyone outside my country...

    *wanders off into the mists of nostalgia*

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