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ANOTHER Silly Adventure?!

posted by SidGarcia on - last edited - Viewed by 139 users

Yes, it is. This will be the 7th silly adventure by Telltale forumers and I'll hope you will watch it.

The rules:
1: You can give suggestions to the advance of the story by making a post with >(your command).
2: Too silly commands will not be recognized.
3: You can post several commands before a new part of the story is posted,
but I will ignore it if you post the same command several times.
4. Have fun - or else...

One more thing: In every image, you will see a reference to something on the Internet.
Most likely, it will be from a Flash cartoon or web comic of my favorites.
You can take a guess on what it is.

Let's begin!

<a href=" border="0" />

You are a young man in a unfamiliar room.
The room has a table with books and a bubbly drink on it.
There's also a horrible painting on the wall.

What do you wish to do first?

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