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Stupid Things Your School/Workplace Has Done

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I have a prime example of stupidity right here: The school internet network blocks sights for stupid reasons such as 'music appreciation'. Yet they didn't bother to block pages such as the Wikipedia page on rape. Oh, and you can't go to any page that has the word 'game' in the address. Discuss other stupidities that you know of!

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  • My school board made a horrible mistake the first time we were supposed to have a snow day. The storm was scheduled to start at around 3 in the morning and go all day, with about a foot of snow scheduled to fall. At 4 (or whenever the board does this sort of thing), they looked out their windows, saw barely any snow, and decided we would have school that day. On the way to school, 9 different cars going to school landed in the ditch. Throughout the day, the conditions got worse and worse, and when school let out, there were a total of 16 accidents in the parking lot alone.

    Idiotic, indeed.

  • my school blocks blogs... and forums...

  • My old elementry school temporaily banned kids from recess for not playing an OPTINAL game of baseball. We had like 12 kids get banned from recess for it.
    My sister's highscool blocked their own school website.:confused: What idiot blocks their own school website.

  • what idiots block blogs... and forums...

  • we feel each other's pain! add me dude!

  • my sixth form did many stupid things. sixth form is the equivalent to a college twinned with a high school to you yanks

    one was when someone fly posted posters for an imaginary band me and a friend were in (we had nothing to do with it at all including the band) saying we were performing a gig at the school, i got called up by the site manager thinking it was real, when it was clearly a fake, you could tell this by a quote from the flyer "Wembley arena sold out" for an unheard of band that would be an amazing feat.

    and i got the blame, oh yes.

  • There was this one time...last year, actually, the whole year... that the whole Homestar Runner site was blocked... Me and my friend were devastated, cause I couldn't show my new friend, who was only there for one year, the joys of Teen girl squad. I mena, my group of friends were each one. I was So and So. All of us wanted to be What's Her Face.

  • you are a girl...?! lol!

    my school blogs the hrwiki for forums, my website for blogs, telltale for forums, games, and blogs, and the hr site for games!

  • What's so funny about her being a girl?

    Anyway, there was this time when lots of people on Facebook were creating hate groups, like "I hate So and So" or "What's his face has a monobrow" (Coincidentally, the person in question actually joined that group). Someone told the teachers, and bam, entire year gets a huge lecture. Everyone involved (about half the year) got an extra two hours. People who went on facebook in class was banned from using computers at school for the rest of the year. (Luckily, there was only two weeks left, but still!) Do you think that's overeacting?

  • just go to myspace! it is better!

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