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I don't want to be mean or insulting, but I gotta say, Telltale ought to revamp this website before they start really marketing this game. It is truly an ugly and confusing-to-navigate website. It's the first corporate site I've seen that looks like something from Geocities. When they start putting out ads for this game and people come to check it out, I think the amateurish look of the website will cause many people to not even give the game a chance.

The company logo also leaves something to be desired.

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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni

    Hello friends.

    I don't think tenfour is trying to "hate" on Telltale, I am interpreting the comments as trying to be helpful. So even though we appreciate the votes of loyalty, I don't think there is any need to chase folks like tenfour away.

    Everyone here has made good points.

    We are more than happy to hear constructive criticism on anything we do, whether it be games, comics, blogs, web-site, or Kevin's lime bars. We won't interpret these criticisms as "anti-telltale" and we encourage our dear loyal fans not to interpret them this way either.

    Construct away!

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    Maybe Telltale should have a Web design contest. A lot of there fans are obviously technical oriented, and it kills two birds with one stone. 1st it might yeild a better functioning website, and 2nd it increases promotion. And its always good to have fan participation.

    I know this has nothing to do with telltale but, Sorry apignarb, its just that I check out your site, and I takes WAY to long to load. The statistics are that people go away from any site that takes more then 15 sec to load, and it took over a minute for me (i have fast cable connection) becuase of the long page (maybe make more pages or at least remove images at the bottom of your pages). Just trying to help. Oh and since it takes alot to put your site out there for people to judge, and then somebody tell you whats wrong with it, I have to say that otherwise, your site looks very good!

  • [quote] or Kevin's lime bars. [/quote]
    I think I felt my tongue just shrivel... Are they anything like lemon bars? They sound interesting, though.

    I'm also not entirely keen on the construction of the website, but it works well enough I suppose. I'm not big on the pale blue color, but maybe it will change again sometime. It's at least a bit better than the wood panelling ;). How about changing it once a month, like the menu color on the Sony PSP? Except not so much pink. So many pink-ish months on that thing. The front page is a bit cluttered, it seems, but I like having all the information at hand. I wish the movie wouldn't play automatically, though. I admit, I expected a bit more from the TTG logo apart from a disturbing Mickey Mouse shape.

    I don't know how a newcomer would react to the website, but I haven't stormed off in disgust just because it doesn't look exactly like I would want. I think most websites aren't that perfect anyway, but I still visit them because of the content. Better navigability on most websites would alleviate most of the problems I personally have, though. Also, the forum is kinda buggy, so that's frustrating.

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    I'm not hating...I just use forceful description to make a point. [:">] I really, really want to see this company succeed. :x

    It seems that I'm mostly wrong if most people didn't notice any of this.

    But like someone else just said, when it comes to design, less is more. This website could be sharper and easier to navigate without losing any of its content. The logo could be improved by making it simpler looking (and perhaps a little more stylistic).

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    see now look what you made em do.. personally i liked it before..the white black blue thing in the middle is not good on my eyes....

    and while we got people being overy critical of websites everyone got check mine and give me sum feedback

  • [quote] I'm not big on the pale blue color, but maybe it will change again sometime.[/quote]
    Hehe... Request granted, it seems. /:) They didn't have to change it on MY account... O:) :D That was certainly sooner than I expected. I love the change, though. Of course, darker colors were always to my liking anyway. B-)

    But if we're all going to make such a big deal about this, how about being able to customize the site to each of our own personal tastes? One of the things I like about the is I can change how the page is formatted from the color of the background to the layout of the information. I really don't think it's necessary, though, since the Telltale page isn't my starting homepage anyway, and Telltale is still so new, I'm currently more interested in seeing where they grow and take off than how I can control or manipulate how they look to me. If that makes any sense... However, I still like the color change, so boy am I appeased!

    [quote]Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Tour Coming Soon![/quote]
    They're going on tour? :O Neato... I thought those days were all over, but I guess not. Certainly a very informative site, and more than I thought I'd ever care to know about JJ&FP.

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    imo the new vertion of the website is much better. the bone section is really cool too.
    nice to see that thing are starting to happen here.

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    but if u ask me, the combination of dark blue and black, with white, is really REALLY bad... its hurting my eyes... and that alaiset caveman should be replaced by a picture of Bone or some other char form TTTHD... because its really awful.. and that ariel font in the top of the page is looking a bit unprofessional... but other from that no compliants.. :)

    imo if u can make the whole site look like the bone section it would be great...

    pls excuse my bad english...

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    The new Bone section looks really good!

    Yeah, I think the background looks better without a pattern, but the dark blue/bright white contrast is a little blinding.

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    I also think the t t g logo looks a million times better when not on a white background, as it is in the new Bone section.

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