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Who would you say your telltale friend is?

posted by Dont_Look_Back on - last edited - Viewed by 3.8K users

title kind of says it all...

who would you say your firend is on this site? when i say firend i dont mean say someones name that you know but they dont know you lol. i mean someone you have talked to before multiple times, and that when you see there name your like "well i know them"

please state why you would call them your firend.

it can be multiple people, as many as you want... i would say my telltale friends are: Tyler_Durant and Juice_Box

tyler because he has written amazing fan fiction and i have discussed them with tyler. PS: tyler made this thread called: The Walking Dead: A Saving Grace Part 1 i thought that fan fiction was totally amazing and thought i should let you people know, you should really check it out! he also made part 2 and another part to that, ALL of them were amazing.

Juicbox because we have commented and agreed on multiple things.

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