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Ideas for Season 3, Brainstorming

posted by ac1041 on - last edited - Viewed by 961 users

I think we should think up some ideas for s3.
I will let everyone post here for their s3 ideas.

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  • Sam & Max meet strong bad... a crime in strong Badia... Maybe some Trogdor?

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    @ac1041 said: The game is called sam and max, it should bew sam. s3 should have max playable with his own inventory, they need as button for switching the characters.

    That' a good idea.:D

    @ac1041 said: It would be very nice if the 3rd season starts in Hawaii with the two (or on the beaches of Brazil ... my dream, :cool: hehe) enjoying his deserved vacation after working for two long seasons, and then discontinued after the holidays more of a connection Commissioner .... back to work freelance police!

    Good for Sam and Max. Good idea.:D

  • @Art said: That' a good idea.:D

    Good for Sam and Max. Good idea.:D

    Thank you! :)

  • The Art thing could be in hawaii

  • hmmm lets see changeing/switching charecters would be nice, Superball returning,Bosco is a must have, C.O.P.S must return period, sybil and abe should have a season break but on the last episode you see sybil as a archiologist, Santa comeing back and being a playable charecter along with Flintpaper,

  • I'm sure whatever the story is, they probably know what it is, or at least what direction it's going in. And they probably won't use ideas from these boards unless it's

  • I think they should be linked to a evil scientist who wants to steal everyone's emotion and energy, and make a huge puppet to take over the world
    1-Steals happiness in Hawaii through the paintings he donated,makes people blobs which steal more people and create more blobs. which steals hearts
    2-Steals Rhythm and Anger in Miami by placing a Beat boxer made into a monster in a popular club, which steals spirit

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    @RicMau said: Thank you! :)

    Your welcome. Bosco must be back. Organic Listening device too. I have only played season 1 on wii.:( Can't wait for season 2 on Wii.

  • @presidentmax said: How about a story where Sam and Max are surfing the highway but then they crash into a truck. There is nobody in the truck but on the side of a truck is a message hand-painted by the commisioner saying that there is bad trouble at the edge of the earth.

    You put Waaaaaaaay too much thought into this... it's a little creepy... out of curiosity in your S3-moonwalking-anteater-plot, is the main villain behind it Michael Jackson? (And do you have to reunite him with his nose to solve a puzzle? *evil grin* sorry, couldn't resist that one)

  • @BShoyer said: ummmm.... what?

    that is confusing to the point of upsetting.

    Not really, guess your just slow (so there :D )

    Besides, have you played season 2? did you see how crazy and complicated that got? yet mines confusing? sigh...

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