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Make your own strong bad email 201?

posted by TomSuperman on - last edited - Viewed by 216 users

Since SB email 201 probably won't come anytime soon I started this make your own SB email 201 thread.You can write a story or do a picture one like a clay one or even lego.

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  • Strong Bad has a montage of all his emails.... then he blows up the Lappy, turns to the viewers, and says: Sbemail's are over. Then Homestar pops in and says: And hremail's are in! Then, it says: hremail next thursdai

    Lol, that'd be more like a toon.

  • You Know 201 Is On The Dvd 6 It Only $12 And Puls I Saw It On The Dvd Allready

  • @Dash383535 said: You Know 201 Is On The Dvd 6 It Only $12 And Puls I Saw It On The Dvd Allready

    That's just the bonus SBEmail. Those don't count in the official count of SBEmails. Otherwise, #200 would have been #205.

  • Ooh! I accept your challange, TomSuperdude! I'm-a make a Scratch of it... soon.

  • Dear Strong Bad,

    I like your sbemails, but when was the last time you cleaned your room? Seriously. And go outside, or something!

    Yours truly,
    Bo, NL

    SB: (pronounces "Bo, Null") From the world of Null, Eh? (Null-A is a sci-fi novel series by A.E van Vogt) How boring your life must be. (Hits return)

    The rest of the email would be about the brothers Strong and the Cheat cleaning out Strong Bad's room and reminiscing about the good ol' days. Eventually, at the bottom of the pile would be something awesome, like his very first computer (before the Tandy, even) and when he plugs it in there will be an unanswered email from his mom or something silly like such.

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