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Your first Adventure hook

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What adventure game/series hooked you into becoming an adventure nut?

I would have to say my first "favorite" adventure game would have to be Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender.

I played Kings Quest a loooong time ago but I ate the carrot within the first minute and a half and was completely turned off.

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  • In all truth, Where in time is Carmen Sandiago, much to my eternal shame. I then got hooked on the neverhood and discovered the monkey island games. After about 4 years of searching i finally managed to find myself a copy of Sam and Max which belonged to one of my uncles co-workers (i'm one of those lucky nerd kids whose uncle makes computers so i get discounts). the aforementioned co-worker was one of those people who has an entire room filled to the brim with every good game since the start of the 80's. Now, having played my way twice through the talkie version of Sam and Max i'm determined to see the sequel finished and released. i hope like hell that Freelance Police is the game Telltale games is trying to get. (sorry for rambling :) )

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    My first adventure game would have to be Sam and Max. I loved playing that game when I was a little kid. I laughed so much. I then purchased the Tex Murphy series. It's more of an underground game, and not many people know the plot. Anyway, it's about a down and out PI. I'm still hooked on that comedic adventure. Then when Micro$oft purchased Access, not another Tex game was made. Hopefully someone gets ahold of the rights.

  • My first game was The Black Cauldron. But what totally hooked me was Space Quest I. I actually miss those text-parser games of the late 80s. when I stumbled onto DosBox I was stoked that there was a way to play all those old games on my Windows XP machine. If you have all those old games collecting dust in your garage - go get dosbox.

  • It's all pretty muddy trying to remember back then, but...

    I think it was Space Quest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon. But it might have been Space Quest 2. But we got several games at the same time, including Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (the first one). But I was way too young to get to play that one at the time, but I would always sneak a peak while my parents were playing. ;)

  • I was young when I played Larry too. But my parents didn't think it was too raunchy for me, for some reason. Well, actually. I was 13-14. Some comicbook sex-scenes and references in english didn't really get me anyways, I just though it was a funny game. So if you think I'm weird, just remember that I learned to speak english from Leisure Suit Larry.

    My first adventure would have to be "Adventure" at my father's work-computer. I think it came with dos or something at some point. Or it was just so widely spread that every computer at his job had the game on it.. First graphical was probably king's quest.

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    uhhh.... Can't remember, looong time ago...
    But I remember playing these games: (Random order)
    Zak MacKracken And The Alien Mindbenders
    Day Of The Tentacles
    Gobliins 2
    Goblins 3
    Larry (1-3)
    Sam & Max
    Full Throttle
    Lost Vikings
    Beneath a steel sky
    Sanatarium (or something like that)
    and more (startet with the C64, when it was new) :)

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    King's Quest 5 was my first adventure game... I'm one of the few who actually likes Cedric from that game. XD

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    Hmm well there was Forest Of Doom on the Spectrum ... technically not a adventure game in the 2d sense. More a cross between adventure / roleplay. (It was based on the old Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone book games). Other than that it was Hobbit, LOTR and Sherlock Holmes on the speccie.

    Then nothing for years until DOTT on CD :)

  • @ThreeHeadedMonkey said: Wasn't there an adventure game called Adventure?

    yep. For the atari 2600.

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