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A revisioning of a classic american institution...

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I'm not one to beat around the bush, or other shrubberies, so here it goes; I'd like Telltale to bring back Sam and Max Hit the Road in redux form. That is to say, take the old scumm and make it scummier, the 1D and make it 7D, make whack a rat; whack all ugly and cute critters. Not to say I'd like a complete George Lucas (TM) Solo shoots second, super uber effects episode 4 type deal, but similar. Use the same original script and guts, but make it look like the new S&M episodes that TTG is doing. Add some bonus puzzles and locales to the game, however staying true to the original thematics and zaniness. Maybe throw a gag or two in from the comics or even the tv show. I just miss the original that much and would love to add more stuff to my crowded collection. Don't know what has to be done in order to facilitate my dream, but after all the hoop-la and delays, petitions, and stuff to get Sam and Max out of the moth balls and into new adventures it can be done. And so here we are reading messages and love letters to our favorite dog and rabbity thing. For the love of Pete, bring back to us, bring back to us

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