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I've never played any of the Strong Bad games yet, but I got Dangeresque 3, and I was wondering if there's any kind of storyline. Does it matter which order you play them in? Thanks!

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  • No, Dangeresque 3 especially does not lead on at all from the past games. You may play practically any Telltale game and understand it without playing past games.
    Also, before you play though, its probably best you watch some cartoons on if you havent already, to get to know the characters a bit more.

  • The Strong Bad episodes don't follow on from each other nearly as much as the Sam & Max ones do. There's only the occasional reference to previous episodes.

    But if you do watch some Homestar Runner toons before playing the game, which might be a good idea since the characters are acting in Dangeresque 3 and it's not a great introduction to the series, also try stunt double and dangeresque 3, since they're the most relevant to the episode.

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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff

    Let us know how you enjoyed the episode without having played the others, Maxilyah.

  • The only episode continuity that I can remember is the last scene of ep. 4 leading into ep. 5. Even that is hardly relevant; you should be fine playing just the one game (although I would suggest them all, if you can afford them).

    Also, watching the 'toons on the site will help you understand some things. Shwoo listed some good ones for the episode you chose, but if you like those 'toons and the game, I highly suggest watching the rest of the 'toons on the site. It'll take you a while to sift through all the material on the site, but it's definitely worth it.

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