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The world is full of companies who don't want to hear about your unpleasant experiences with their products. Either they provide nowhere for you to file a complaint, or the system for filing a complaint is extremely complicated and hardly worth the effort. Companies that do take your complaints rarely attempt to help you. Of course, the most complaints that any person has would be filed, if anywhere, to Life, and Life certainly doesn't take complaints.

So what is one to do with one's many, many complaints?

Send them here, of course! The Complaint Compartment is here to listen to your problems and do absolutely nothing about them. We accept complaints about jobs, complaints about family, complaints about friends, complaints about unpleasant acquaintances, complaints about products, complaints about last nights dinner, complaints about the amount of time in a day, complaints about you pen that has suddenly run out of ink, complaints about your persistently painful paper cut, complaints about your lawn's shade of green, complaints about long lists of accepted complaints, complaints about the Complaint Compartment, and just about any complaint related to your life! The only complaints that we don't accept are those about other complaints posted here; we also do not take kindly to negative responses to other people's complaints.

The Complaint Department is open.

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