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I myself shall give reviews of movies i have seen and you tell me which movie i should review next.

It’s a wonderful life review
The film starts up with a beautiful senic view of space with a voice-over from 3 unseen charectors leading to the stories of George Bailey. The first tale is George’s first affect on the world. Saving his kid brother from a icey fate. The second one tells of him saving an old man from accidentally giving someone bad pills. The 3rd and longest tale is how he saved many people from bankruptcy as well as a bank, and a corporate fat-cat. He also meets his wife and marrys. The last tale is in current day time where Bailey’s life has gone into a downward spiral. He decides to leave his life behind for a watery fate. He jumps from a bridge to be saved by an angel. The angel then proceeds to get in an argument with Bailey. Leading to him taking Bailey’s dream of never being born true. After a horrifying revelince being that if he had never been born, millions of horrable things would have happened Biley takes back his wish and learns “A man without friends is nothing”.
I give it 4 1/2 stars. It gets the Silver Tear award, the Insta-classic award, and the Golden Banjo of excellent music award.

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