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The most incredibly random dream you've ever had?

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Alright, just wanted to post this without trying to bump another.

I remember one dream where I was going over to the local Damon's for a Halloween party (which is odd since I had this dream in November) and when I got at the door, I saw the famous Christian rock band Relient K. Then I decided to completely ditch the Halloween party and go to a random forest. I started walking aimlessly around the tree and then I got bit by a rattlesnake.
This is where it gets funny. Apparently, my brain didn't exactly know what a snake bite looked like, so it registered as a bleeding mosquito bite. :D
Anyway, I walked over to a tree, and it sprouted eyes, and turned into a werewolf. It started growling and roaring at me in short bursts of high-pitched rhythm.
It was my alarm clock.
I woke up.

And that's it. Anyone else got any dreams?

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