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dangeresque 4?

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does anyone think there will be a dangeresque 4:confused:

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  • Yeah, he would work.

    And of course, the movie looks nothing like its source material, for example, it adds new characters, like Sandy Buttons, changes the name of Killingyouguy to the K.Y.G. Unit, and the nunchuck gun actually gets used in Dangeresque I: Dangeresque, Too?

  • yes the burninator renaldo did die but before you start cryin pppppppppppffffff remember teen girl squad

  • @GaryCXJk said: What I'm truly waiting for is a live-action adaptation of the Dangeresque series.

    Imagine this, strong bad as Dangeresque, homestar as Dangeresque Too , king of town as Perducci, and coach z as Renaldo.

    i broke it.

  • Maybe there would be a Dangeresque 0: The Prequel Begins, in the form of a novelization, or maybe a graphic novel (That's a more story-based version of a comic book, for those of you who are new.).

  • [quote]I definitely think there will be a Dangeresque 4. Keeping with the tradition of crappy sequels forced into existence by the constant demands of the fans, Strong Bad could easily come up with some crackpot explaination for Renaldo's survival. [/quote]

    Or, better yet, Strong Bad sells his rights to make Dangeresque 4 to...Marizpan?

    Get ready to see Sultry Buttons take on multi-national corporations!

  • My crackpot explanation for Renaldo's survival is this:

    The Renaldo in the third movie is not the real Renaldo, it's his clone. The real Renaldo has been accidentally sent to an alternate universe by Experimento. In order to make sure Dangeresque would not suspect anything, Experimento made a clone, who is now dead. However, it's just at the time when Experimento finds out the location of the real Renaldo.

    Actually, this is just the setup for the sequel of Truly Dangeresque, the sequel to the remake of the first three Dangeresque movies, which has been conveniently renamed to Truly Dangeresque I: The Criminal Trilogy, and for which the sequel is called Truly Dangeresque II: When Dragons Come In The Night.

    The story's about how dragons suddenly appear in Brainblow City, and how PERDUCCI!!! wants to use the power of the dragons to become the ultimate master criminal. Man, Kelsey Grammar would really be epic as Perducci.

  • No way! Dangersque died! right?

  • Dangeresque 3 only happened because SBCG4AP was made. Now, Dangeresque 4 will likely be what Dangeresque 3 was supposed to be: an infinite wait to not get to see it.

  • @roameater825 said: No way! Dangersque died! right?

    No, where did you get that idea. Renaldo died.

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