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Text and voice editor

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Is it possible to include a text editor in the games with which you could translate the dialogues into other languages. And A voice editor which would have a menu in which all the dialogues kinda like the sound test menu from sonic 2 are stored where you can click one of the dialogues and their would be a button called add your own voice.

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  • i'm going to say no, and also ask why would anyone ever want that

  • It will end the requirement of translators and with youtube support fanfiction 2.0.Imagine how much of the story could be changed just by changing the dialogues.

  • @TomSuperman said: Imagine how much of the story could be changed just by changing the dialogues.

    Oh god, All those Cave Story Fanfics would come to life. And Chaco would be less Subtle when it comes to her euphemisms.

  • So, you want TT to make the games open-source?

    Somehow, I don't see them exactly rushing to get that going.

    Of course, they could pull a Build engine and just make it heavily moddable, but then it would require the engine to be rebuilt from scratch, and it wouldn't see much use outside of either:

    1. Those who are fluent in at least two languages and are extremely bored

    2. Those who are way too easily amused and want to bog down YouTube with clips of Max making lewd jokes in the voice of a giggling 12 year old who's whispering so his parents won't yell at him for cursing.

    3. Those who are way too easily amused and want to bog down YouTube with clips of Max singing Linkin Park songs because Linkin Park appears to be the official band of YouTube judging by the millions of random Final Fantasy clips manipulated to make Cloud look like he's singing "Crawling" because, like, only, like, Square-Enix understands their pain, d00d.

    4. Those who are way too... yadda yadda... with clips of Max repeating Duke Nukem 3D catchphrases because they just discovered that prank call that the rest of the world heard six years ago and they think it's the funniest thing in the history of the internets (all seven of them) because that video game guy is totally swearing, man!

    5. Blablabla... with clips of Max saying nothing because they don't know how to work their microphone's volume and so you turn up your speakers and forget that you did so, only to remember later, when a "website of ill repute" randomly pops up while you're perusing a random GeoCities site that you haven't seen since 1997, and the resulting screams of ecstasy blasting from your speakers intermingle with the screams of anger coming from your significant other, and you find yourself in a bar drowning your sorrows in a glass of gin and tonic while a tow truck pulls your car outside because your car's registration expired yesterday and you can't renew it because your significant other froze you out of your joint account and you spent your last five bucks on the gin and tonic you're holding right now which isn't even that strong because the bartender is kind of an ass and he watered your drink down so you walk back to the local shelter to see if a bed is open when suddenly your spouse pulls up in your co-worker Enrique's convertible (even if your spouse is male. It always comes back to Enrique.) and laughs in your face as you slip in a puddle of what you can only pray is Mountain Dew, hit your head, slip into a coma, and wake up 40 years later in a retirement home... two rooms down from Enrique and your ex-spouse, who, as you soon learn, are surprisingly energetic for an elderly couple.

    So yeah, I don't see that being a good idea. Maybe for Enrique, but not for the rest of the world. Definitely not for punctuation.

  • Semi-open source without changing gameplay.

    Other small neat features would be customizable:

    Company Logos,

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    Dave Grossman Telltale Alumni

    Actually, there's already a great tool for doing this sort of thing. It's called a C compiler. It lets you make a game with your own text, dialog, logos, credits, music, all that stuff and more. You can even make your own puzzles and totally new interactivity! It's really fun, I recommend it.

    Er... apologies in advance for my flip tone, I just couldn't resist somehow.
    (Now I think I want to start a band called "Flip Tone"....)

  • But coding makes my brain cramp. There's all these, like, numbers and letters and stuff.
    I just don't get it :(.

  • Yeah, plus I want to take out all the Telltale-logos and sell the game under the new brand of "Laserschwert Antics".

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