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I don't know if some of you remember, but I was the guy who started the "don't mess this up" thread when the game didn't come out yet.. After playing the demo I can already say that this game is MILES ahead of bones and that it's all I hoped for in a Sam and Max sequel. It just feels right and the gfx are great.. I liked the dialogue so far too.. I'm gonna purchase the full season once it comes out though, so I guess I have to wait a bit..

Does anyone know if you purchase the full season now if you can unlock every episode once they are released??

Anyway, great job so far and you seem to get credit for it (good reviews etc)

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  • Yeah. If you purchase the whole season now, you get to play the full version of each episode as they are released monthly.

    It's a better value if you purchase the whole season right away, compared to buying the episodes individually. You also get a disc containing all the episodes for the price of shipping once the whole season has been released.

    Me, I still buy the episodes individually. It's not THAT much of a price difference, and I don't care about physical media. I don't like to pay for stuff in advance, so...

  • wow that's great! I'm not to sure if I'd rather wait until all episodes are released though, cause it might be a better experience to get to play all after eachother without months of wait..

  • On the one hand, waiting for each episode to come out might be annoying. On the other hand, so might waiting for the ENTIRE series to come out. On the other other hand (i.e. your foot), playing them all individually -I imagine- would allow you to appreciate each seperate game a lot better.

  • so you'd recommend buying the season now and play all the episodes once they come out?

  • Well, I've already done that. And yes, partly because it's cheaper :) and partly because I really do think each instalment is something to be savoured by itself. Enjoy them as whole, sure. But try and check them all out seperately first. You'll probably find them more interesting that way rather than having them seem like a chore to get through 3 episodes or so through your whole season marathon session.

  • :D :D :D I remember that post.. another happy customer

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