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What about a deluxe version with better bitrate for voices ?

posted by BarfHappy on - last edited - Viewed by 909 users

I imagine the big reason for the low voices bitrate is the size of the download (bigger download, bigger the costs), but for the full season CD edition, maybe you could do a 2CDs pack instead of the single CD and double the voices data bitrate.

The bubble/wobble effect of low bitrate really make my ears uneasy. Hopefully i have a good soundcard and even better speakers system but applying filters to reduce that has a bad impact on the wonderful soundtrack playing in the background.

I truly love the game, and that's the only complaint i really have.
i don't care the difficulty, it is so damn funny and that is just the first case. i guess they will rise the difficulty until they receive hint requests that would indicate the game is getting too hard for the sam and max target audience. Or maybe implement the Max giving hints idea...

Ho well, back to the original point, i guess i am not the only one bothered with the low bitrate, am i ?

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