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The game's out!

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Just so newcomers don't get confused by the first few pages of the "Hey it's Nov 1st!" thread, this is here to let everyone know that Sam & Max is in fact released!

Some handy links:

Telltale's Sam & Max webpage. (more crazy stuff coming to this page soon)
Season 1 Collection page with some explanatory text about the collection.
Culture Shock order page in the store.

If you're looking for the demo, most of the pages above contain a handy link!

Oh, and if something goes wrong, there's always the support forum.

Enjoy and discuss :)

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  • LOL, just when i got a recepit, normal activation worked. So, I waited the same amount of time :) Well, i'm going to play now for a while and gonna suffer in the morning. God, I hate 6 o'clock alarma clocks ....

  • @Markusdragon said: All I have in my junk mail folders is offers of cheap viagra :(.

    Cheap viagra? Where? Tell me? I've been looking for that for ages =p
    No luck at all, all I found so far is a caterpillar, a pool with a no smoking sign and a microwave oven dated to the age of vikings... and I don't really need that...
    Or maybe the caterpillar, could come in handy... I could put it next to my can of martians in peas.

    (I'm way tired, and I've been sitting in front of this square they name screen, but I name it "Odd" which is a commonly used norwegian name.
    Which is kinda odd ^^)

  • Tee hee, I'm on the point where I find this funny. It seems my normal activation key works now..

    Invalid password (ARM1016)

    Hehe. I know it's the right password, I tried typing it and copying it from the mail.

    Anyway, I'm not worried, the dev's seem to be working very hard to get everything solved, stuff like this was to be expected on release day. I can say the demo has me screaming for more though. :D

  • Wow...
    after 90 minutes I've got the key - it works!
    There where 8 minutes between the 'read-mail-message' and the sended key.;)
    A great job, the support-team is doing - thank you very much!:)

    kind regards from germany


  • Rather ironically an email from has arrived while I'm waiting, advertising: ... Sam and Max Hit the Road and the rest of the LucasArts Classic Line! The Internet is teasing me!

  • It's 10am and i'm at work until 6pm! the waits going to kill me!! :(

  • Downloaded the demo, and man, how could I resist.

    Paid for the game, somehow got it working in 3 minutes?

    Anyway, you got the thumbs up from me about the backend system.


  • downloading sooo sloooowly :D

  • Just finished the game.


    Very very satisfying. Well worth $9.00.

    Looking forward to the other 5 EPISODES. Might actually just wait till they're ALL done and play through them from start to finish without any continuity breaks.

    Whew. It's nearly 5AM in South Africa here. Well, there goes my sleeping patterns out the window for the next week.

  • I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. I wanted to poke back in to this thread to say that I really appreciate the efforts that the support folk went to yesterday. I think that most companies would have simply said, "We're working on a fix for the normal registration. Hold tight." That Telltale was sending people manual activation codes to get us all up and running as soon as possible even while fixing the normal registration as well is awesome.

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