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Is there going to be a SBCG4AP Season 2?

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Title says all. :)
Is there?

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  • Strong Bads Cool Game, 3 Attractive people?

  • The only one that makes sense is 'Strong Bad's Cool Game 8 Attractive People', and that just sounds weird.

  • For whatever reason, I think there will be. If it does happen, it probably won't happen until at least next year, due to W&G and S&M S3.

    The only idea I see preventing a season 2 would be matching the sheer awesomeness of the first season. I thought, and thought, and thought, and couldn't think of a single good idea for a plot for this game. This may just be because I lack the attention span to think clearly (ooh, Cheez-Its!), but I'm sure that TTG would have a hard time matching the quality ideas that they had first season as well. Regardless, I'm waiting and hoping for news of a season two coming to WiiWare near me. Or, a Wii near me.... Or maybe just, you know, my Wii.

  • I'm very sure it's going to happen, just not this year, like other users have said on this thread.
    @metalkombat said: WiiWare near me. Or, a Wii near me.... Or maybe just, you know, my Wii.
    Do you mean an A-WIIIIWAWRE?

  • I don't know. SBCG4AP wasn't as criticly acclaimed as S&M. IGN called Homestar Ruiner the worst Telltale game ever. However, the first Bone game, the 3 first S&M games, and the first CSI game wern't to good either. It's probably just because they are working with new things in Strong Bad, so if there is a second season it must be equal to, or greater than, the awesomness of S&M2, which isn't likely.

  • the worst telltale game ever, ehh? so, that still makes it pretty good, i guess..:D

  • [quote]IGN called Homestar Ruiner the worst Telltale game ever.[/quote]

    They did? :confused:

    I don't remember that, and can't find a statement like that anywhere in their review, which has an "Impressive" score of 8.1/10. :D

  • I think what they meant was that it's the worst game that you've made, But that doesn't make it bad. It means the worst game you've made is pretty good. If you get what I mean.

  • Yeah TBH I liked SBCG4AP, but I'd be keener to see more Sam & Max, and maybe Wallace and Gromit (depending on how this series goes, I'm sure it'll be great).

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