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prices for europeans

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hi guys i have a couple of questions
1. i want to buy s&m but i've got no experience with buying in usa or else.
could anyone (germans) give me a overview about the fees and stuff (€->$ for example) (for 1ep and the season)
2. if i bought the season, how much would be the shipping to germany?
3. as you've probably already noticed i am still a student and my english is not very good, i dont understand some words so even eng subs would help me a lot,
but german subs would be terrific

thank you for your help :)

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  • 1. Current exchange prices> Per episode: roughly 7€ Full Season: roughly 27.50€
    (exchange fees are dependent on your credit card company)
    2. Emily said in a different thread that postage would be roughly the same as for Bone, which currently stands at $10 usd, or roughly 8€, to Asia, so I would expect a similar price for Europe. Although prices could rise by the time they start shipping the game.
    3. English subs can be turned on and off in the options menu. I think Telltale is thinking about translations in the future, and I have heard that Bone might be coming out in German... which would make S&M in German very possible.

    Hope that helps. Buy the game, and enjoy!

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    Hey man,

    At current exchange rates, it's €27,35 for the complete season and €7,- for just the first episode. It will vary a bit though, based on $ to € exchange rates, and what your credit card company will charge you, but those are a good idea of the costs. It hasn't shown up on my credit card receipt yet, so I couldn't tell you exactly what they charged on my (Dutch) Mastercard, but €27,50 is a good estimate. No idea about the shipping yet, I'm wondering about that too. Judging from other companies, it can't be much more than a few euros.

    Oh, and it's subtitled in English. The subtitling is on by default, too.

  • cherubim: As you can see it's actually even cheaper for germans (I'm german, too) than for the US guys as the $ is so cheap these days. There are no currency conversion fees either if you pay by Credit Card.

    Go buy it.

  • ok that answers my question
    thank you

    p.s.: ger subs 4 teh win :)

  • For me, visa charges a 1% fee... expect the fee to range from 0-3%. Any more than that, and I would start yelling "Robbery!" while running around in the street with nothing but my whitey-tighties and a bottle of rum... lit on fire, of course.

  • I always head here when I'm buying stuff (which I do FAR too often!) :)

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