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BSOD and graphics issues

posted by Pope Guilty on - last edited - Viewed by 323 users

I'm having some weird issues with the game that are preventing me from playing it. I can get into the title screen just fine, but once I click the tutorial and it starts up the 3d rendering, things go south in a hurry. Sometimes it goes to the tutorial, which only renders Wallace, Gromit, the robot, the chessboard, and other interactable objects- Wallace makes reference to being in the dining room, but they appear to be outside, as all the background there is is a prop in the back.

After a minute or so of this, I go to a weird BSOD where the text is broken up and scattered in bits and pixels around the screen in an odd pattern. Usually I don't get the aforementioned errors and go straight to the BSOD.

I've updated all my drivers, and I continue to have this issue. My specs:

1.73 GHz processor
Radeon X300 Mobility (128 MB video RAM)

I'm skeptical of the idea that this is a hardware issue, since it runs Sam and Max Season 1 just fine.

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