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Steam: Corrupt Missing textures in full game

posted by hi_tech_guy_18 on - last edited - Viewed by 923 users

There is nothing wrong with my ATI x850 XT PE Card the Drivers are as updated as I can get them

The demo Ran very well

Demo Screen shot
Sadly the Full game just unlocked this morning and its broken Missing Textures

Full Game Screen shot
as you can see it looks a mess due to missing/corrupt textures

anyone else on steam getting this problem?

I tried Deleting the local content from steam and getting a 2nd and 3rd download from steam but I get the same problem on my laptop too as well as my desktop

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  • I just spent the last three and a half hours playing the Steam version of the game, and I had no problems whatsoever. I was running it at 1920x1200 with Quality 9, with a Radeon HD 4850 512M card.

  • I've got exactly the same problem, and I downloaded the game straight from Telltale, so it's not a Steam issue.

    I'm running a somewhat older computer, P4 3.6 GHz single core, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, and a Radeon x850 graphics card. I thought it might be a graphics driver issue, as I hadn't updated in a while, but getting the newest version didn't help. I've never had any trouble with any other Telltale Games.

    ETA: As high tech guy stated previously, monkeying the quality settings down and up temporarily fixes the problem (changing resolution does not. In fact, if you've "fixed" the textures by fiddling with the quality dial, changing resolution lands you right back in in the strange and terrifying land of no walls and black fans once again). It's still not exactly an ideal way to play through the game, though.

  • When you guys lower the quality setting to 5 do the textures stay fine even after a scene load?

  • I have this too. I got it right off Telltale

  • @Tester Scott

    Keeping it at 5 seems to keep it mostly fine through scene changes. Still have to jigger it every time you start the game though. And I did still encounter corrupted graphics at one point - no missing walls, but some objects turning strange colors, violet, green and the aforementioned black.

    Again, it's bearable at this point, but a genuine fix would be nice.

    God, I sound so grumpy and demanding... The game itself is really good so far, though. Which is why I'm so anxious to have it running at 100%.

    ETA: Oh yeah, I assume the load screen is supposed to show a screenshot?
    Not so much. I'd guess this is connected to the other thing?

  • Interesting. Have you tried lowing the graphics all the way down and playing it. Do you get any corruption at lower graphics setting? Problems like your describing are usually caused by out of date drivers or video cards that are having trouble with our renderer.

  • Can't display the saved game picture either.

    Telltale guys: there's a lot of legacy hardware out there.
    Are the gaphics of this game pushing the boundaries that hard, so that it really needs the latest hw?
    Come on, surely it should work on old cards as well, like any other game from Telltale

  • I've got the same problem and I downloaded it straight from TellTale. I've got a Radon X800 graphics card, I've got an old driver, though. I'll try to update it and post back how it goes

  • We did a lot of tweaking so older cards will really start to show there age with Wallace and Gromit. As for the save screen there isn't supposed to be a screenshot, there should be a bunch of text giving a story synopsis of what has happened so far. If it isn't showing up that is another graphics problems as the render layer is being properly shown. Have you guys tried lowering the quality all the way and running it yet?

  • It didn't help to install the latest graphics driver but... I tried lowering the quality and that made the graphics work fine. After I did lower the quality and the graphics were all right I turned it back to the highest quality again and the game ran just fine... Been playing it for two hours without any rendering problems

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