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Small graphic glitch in the W&G menu

posted by Dangerzone on - last edited - Viewed by 231 users

Hey there, got a small bug for you guys... I was trying trying to figure out the new mission/save screen in the Wallace and Gromit game when it dawned on me that most of the text on the menu does not show up (screen cap below and my DxDiag dump below)

P.S. I am using custom graphics settings which are overriding the games internal settings if that matters... But it has never caused an issue with your games before.


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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    If you can reproduce that bug using legitimately supported graphics settings and not something you modified outside the game, its an issue. If it only occurs in a config that I can't reproduce myself I don't know what to tell you!

    1) Does it happen to you when you're not externally modifying display settings?

    2) Can you ever see the top half of the text (is this problem intermittent), or is it always this way?


  • It still happens even when I set catalyst to use all of the applications default settings... I had that idea right after I posted.

    It still looks the exact same... (even when I modify the graphic quality in the game itself)

    by chance, would the rendering layer for the UI be OpenGL based? I ask because most contemporary cards have insufficient OpenGL drivers (including my own)

    I had a similar (but otherwise smaller) problem with "Reality 2.0" in that the "return to reality" goggle button button on the UI in never showed for me on this desktop (but it did on my laptop)... (but the animated arrows were still there... so I knew where to click)

    EDIT: Although the top of the menu screen does "flash" when you close the menu... so it is visible for a split second. (I'm not sure if this means anything)

    But other than that.. It's a persistent problem no matter when I open the menu

  • Any ideas?... I would really like for the menus to work before I replay the game.

  • Thats exactly what mine looks like too

  • Sorry for the silence. It's being looked into, we just don't have anything to report yet.

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