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I think I stuffed my game...

posted by Awesomepantsman on - last edited - Viewed by 324 users

After long months of sitting on my desktop collecting virtual dust, I decided to replay Sam & Max 106: Bright Side of the Moon. I opened it and quickly realised something was wrong. It was running in windowed mode (which was fine) but it was widescreen! It was probably running at 480x720 or similar. I checked the fullscreen box, then suddenly, the monitor turned black and didn't recover. I randomly clicked everywhere until I was about to give up all hope. Ctrl+Alt+Delete. I started up Task Manager but, because the game was still running, the screen was black. To quit I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete again and log off. Now, I try starting any of the other Season One games, but I recieve the following error message:

SamandMax104.exe has stopped working...
[Loading Bar]
Windows is looking for a solution to the problem.

I end up reinstalling the series and... everything's back to normal. But still... what happened?

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