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I just want to say thank you

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I thought a Homestar Runner video game would be amazing after my first day on that site. I figured it could never happen, but in the back of my mind I was always thinking "This would be awesome as a game!"

And then a few years later, SBCG4AP was announced for Wii and PC! The first thought to come to my head was "I hope they don't ruin it."

Well, I can say as a huge Strong Bad fan, you guys did not disappoint. Everyone was in-character and it stayed true to the H*R world. It did not feel at all for a way to make some money off a fairly popular website. It truly felt like a fan game. Each episode was entertaining, and they kept getting better and better. I also loved how each one led to the next while every one had an individual story. I bought them the second they came out.

Because of this, I will check out other products from TTG (I love the Bone comics - maybe I'll buy the games). And if there's ever a season two, you can expect me to buy every episode.

Thanks for the hard work put into these games.:D

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