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Congratulations on the new site! It looks better and better with each update.

One thing though, might I suggest that you use the java plugin swfObject to implement your Flash content?

I don't know if you're aware, but after experiencing trademark difficulties, Microsoft decided to change the way plugins and embedding is handled in IE. From

When using an applet, object, or embed tag to insert a plugin into an HTML document, that plugin will not allow user interaction until the user clicks on it. Microsoft calls this process “Activating an ActiveX Control’s Interface".

In effect, this means that IE users will get an ugly white border around all the Flash objects on your site, and that they have to click on the Flash object in order to use it. This means, for instance, that the user has to click twice on the "Forum" button, instead of one. It's quite annoying.

The freeware javascript plugin swfObject solves this issue. I use it myself on my sites, and it works wonderfully. It even enables the website to have alternative content for users withouth Flash Player installed - i.e. a image hotspot menu. The main thing is getting around the IE activex embedding though.

I don't work for swfObject or have anything to do with it in any way, I'm just a fan. It's extremely easy to install, and makes using your site much, much smoother for us IE users.

Just a suggestion!

(and don't anyone start with their Firefox propaganda)

Here's a link to swfObject's site, which includes a tutorial for installation:

Keep up the good work Telltale, you're doing great!

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