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Thanks for the spanish translation, Telltale!

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I have just finished the first episode. I love it. It's really Wallace & Gromit at its best. Awesome graphics (they shine at 1920x1200), funny story, good puzzles. Fantastic work, Telltale!!!! :)

My only complain is the control. Why the keyboard? Arghhh!!!!! (I know, these stupid consoles... :mad:
But I think you could use both, the keyboard´s control to make the games compatible with consoles, and the old and good mouse control like Sam & Max. Please, Telltale, fix it, I like to play adventures with a hand on the mouse, and a drink on the other... :D

I want to thank you Telltale for the spanish translation. Not only the dialogues, but the posters and graphics, too! Hey, like a Pixar's movie!!! :P I can play in english but my little brother not, and he is very happy with the spanish version. Telltale games are better and better with every new game. Waiting for the second chapter! :)

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