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Xbox Live arcade

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Wikipedia is saying that both Sam and Max seasons are coming to Xbox Live arcade. I know it isn't a reliable source, but I wanted to make sure if it is true.
Is it?
Heres a link to show you

EDIT: ok I know the link is not the exact link but on that page there is a link to it

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  • @TrogLlama said: And, strangely enough, correct.

    true. very true

  • all i no is if they make the games for the 360 i will only go outside to work and go to comic con and the rest of my life will be on 360 especially if they made it for 360live

  • Is anyone else about to implode? I deliberately avoided playing these games on the PC after the hint that it would eventually end up on the 360. I currently own two versions of the game already (Season 1&2 on PC and Season 1 on the Wii). Since it launched on the PC I've been dying to start playing this game, and with all the recent confirmations around both Wallace and Grommit and Sam & Max I'm dying to get my hands on them on the 360! After work, I frantically scour the internet for any suggestion of a release date... and so far nothing! I understand dealing with MS and passing all the certification can leave developers out in the cold just as much as the rest of us. I've heard enough stories about games being done but spending years in the MS testing labs for unknown reasons. However, can't someone at least give us a heads up on something? Even if it's just to say what stage the process is at, I would be able to rest a bit easier. :)

    Here's my guess work, Wallace and Grommit with gamepad support should be a pretty easy port to the 360. I'm imagining we'll see that soon and first. Especially with the comments almost a month ago with the PC release that the info on the XBLA release and pricing would be announced "soon". But I've got no clue at what stage Sam & Max is. Does it still need to be altered to work with the game pad, or because of the length of time this was rumored has all of that already been ironed out? It's driving me crazy! I think it was the OXM section on Sam & Max that pushed me over the edge... Any tiny bit of info would be greatly appreciated guys. :) You might save at least one of your customers from exploding.

  • It's extremely likely that they had worked on the Sam and Max with a joypad for a long time before they told us about it. I'm guessing the game is done and submitted, or will be submitted fairly soon.

    Of course, I don't care because I've already played through them and own these games, and I don't feel like buying it twice. That money can go towards....prints...the animated series....a fourth copy of Surfin' the Highway...

  • It'll be point'n'click as usual:


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    David E Telltale Alumni

    I count 3 Sam hands. Look closely :)

  • After having found the Hidden Cursor upon Sam's chest, Rather Dashing returns home to erase all mention of his foul error. However, sadly the wretched Dragon Davidè, has arisen in the home thread to proclaim that there are, in fact, THREE Sam hands. Having discovered the cursor hand, Rather Dashing rushes to the image, scanning it for the two unknown extra hand cursors.

    "Aha!" our hero finally cries out, "There ARE two others...attached to his arms!"

    The dragon, realizing that his riddle has been solved, rears back in rage and spits forth a stream of intense blue fire, incinerating the peasant in his moment of glory.

  • @Rather Dashing said: Of course, I don't care because I've already played through them and own these games, and I don't feel like buying it twice. That money can go towards....prints...the animated series....a fourth copy of Surfin' the Highway...

    Shhhh... don't tell me that. I just got around to purchasing the Wii version, only to proudly put it on my shelf. I'm almost certain it will never actually be played. The 360 version will be number 3, and I'm certainly buying Wallace and Grommit twice as well. I think it's money well spent. I really want to give TellTale the support they deserve for taking the genre I love from death's door. Although Sam and Max was my favorite LucasFilm/LucasArts title, I still hope if they get enough clout they might manage to nab Maniac Mansion or even *GASP* Monkey Island and continue to produce sequels for those games as well! Hell, I'd be up for a sequel to any LucasArts graphic adventure. I'm proud of what TellTale has accomplished and grateful for what they've done. I'll be buying every version of Sam and Max they put out!

    Plus... already purchased everything else I can think of in the store. I nabbed the TV show, two copies of Surfin' the Highway (paperback and hardcover), the hat, the shirt... Wallace and Grommit and the Bone games. I'm out of stuff to buy! To be honest, after obsessively coming here to check for news on a daily basis my next stop is to obsessively check if they have any new merchandise for me to pick up!

    Now if only some release date news would turn up... I really hope you're right and that it's already been submitted.

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