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Episode One is scandalous!

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Hi there,

I just wanted to post this first to tell you that I’m so glad to see Sam & Max again in a so bloody good game (okay, I just played the demo but… It’s Sam! And Max! And Talent!). But you don’t really care, do you?

No really, your game is scandalous! I’m Swiss (that excuses my pity English, I hope) and just let me tell you… SWISS CHEESE DOESN’T HAVE HOLES! What you, in America, name Swiss Cheese is actually named Gruyère, like the little village it comes from. It’s very common to say “Hahaha this golf course has as many holes as Gruyère!” (especially frog-eaters say that), and that’s seriously getting on my nerves. So your riddle with Sam’s big gun is totally wrong and illogical. Therefore, if you don’t want me to say it to the press (and it’s surely worth a first page of The National Inquirer), you can buy my silence with a .45 in the neck an activation code for the game. And I can become your Official Swiss Stereotypes Advisor too, so if you want to (and you will) use chocolate, bank or yodel humor, I’ll be there to help you to do things right and slowly (I’m Swiss, did you forget?).

PS : I love what you’re doing :D

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