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A very INSANE adventure

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Okay, the rules are simple. I will provide a description of A SCENE and establish the status of THE CHARACTER. Then, it's your turn to provide your very own ACTION PLAN. An action plan can be simple like "turn off light switch", it can have multiple steps like "turn off light switch and go to sleep", it can have 'if' statements like "turn off light and if successfull go to bed and if not successful, shoot light", and it can be as complex as you desire. Be aware however, that depending on the results, part of your action plan may not turn out to be possible. Anyway, I will pick my favorite action plan, apply it, and describe the results. Then it will be your turn again.

An important aspect of this game to remember is that THE CHARACTER is INSANE, so your ACTION PLANS are allowed to be illogical, irrational, unsociable, and/or convoluted. This I encourage, in fact.

By the way, there is no goal. This is just for fun. Just do whatever feels the least natural.

I will now begin the describing (sorry that there's no pictures. I am not an artist by ANY means).

THE CHARACTER is in a small jail cell. There is a very dirty toilet in the center of the cell, for some reason. THE CHARACTER thinks this cell may have been even smaller at one point, when the toilet was in the corner of the room, but the walls were expanded and they never bothered to move the toilet. The toilet is stuffed full of cigarette butts.

In the corner of the room is a skinny homeless-looking man playing the harmonica, badly. Next to him is a tall, muscular man wearing yellow spandex. He looks easily agitatable.

THE CHARACTER cannot remember his name or why he is here, but if it were part of his ACTION PLAN he might just be able to conjure up some kind of recollection. Of course, you never know...

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  • > walk underneath falling statue, and start whistleing and looking at a fake watch.

  • @Mouldcube said: > walk underneath falling statue, and start whistleing and looking at a fake watch.

    You're interested to see this statue more up-close. You figure that if you stand underneath it, you should have a pretty good view of it just before it crushes you to bits.

    It seems to be taking a longer time than you had anticipated, so you begin to stare at a fake watch on your arm. Normally you wouldn't do this, but you feel oddly like someone might be watching you right now, and you feel like doing this will effectively convey to them how you're feeling. You like it when other people can tell how you're feeling.

    That's strange. You seem to be actually wearing a REAL watch. You never noticed that before. Cool.

    A split second before it seemed the statue would be about to crush you, it falls sideways (for no reason) and misses you entirely. The statue starts to crumble and the real Super Mario quickly hops out of within his thin, statue-esque enamel.

    He looks at you for a moment and without warning he grabs your wrench and your flowers.

    "Sorry pal," he says. For some reason he has Jack Bauer's voice. "I've got to confiscate this. No time to explain, but it's a national plumbing emergency."

    He points the flowers at you. A mixture of orange and blue flames begin to pour liberally out of them, toward you. Hmm... perhaps this is a situation worthy of an ACTION PLAN?

  • @StinkomanFan said: >Run like Hell.

    In a rare moment of utter clarity, you decide to run like Hell. After running a good distance, and leaping over several charred skeletons, you look back to make sure you've lost your pursuer.

    To your horror, you find you're still being pursued, but not by Super Mario. Almost directly behind you is someone you are fairly certain is Jack Bauer. He seems to be keeping up with you quite well. You're starting to wonder if he's just toying with you, since he doesn't seem to be making an effort to actually overtake you.

    "I think you fowgot something, you two-bit wrestleman," he says. He now seems to have the voice of Homestarrunner. "I'm a tewiffic athalete."

    You continue to run, but start to wonder if you might need a different strategy to beat this guy.

  • >Summon Strong Bad and smack Jack Bauer (that summoned Homestar?)

  • @SidGarcia said: >Summon Strong Bad and smack Jack Bauer (that summoned Homestar?)

    You don't know how to summon Strong Bad. Also, you're pretty sure it would be close to impossible for you to simply smack the Jack Bauer without first running into the flames that are still pouring out of the flowers in his hand. (Super Mario has inexplicably transformed into Jack Bauer, by the way. I thought this was clear, but maybe not?)

  • > think that being you makes you immune to fire and walk right into it.

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