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GameSpy Review of S&M?

posted by IronCladChicken on - last edited - Viewed by 180 users

The Freelance Police make a long overdue return to PC gaming in an excellent follow-up to their classic adventure game.

Hilarious script; great art design; effective voiceovers from supporting cast; a great value at $8.95.

Episodic format hurts story presentation; Sam and Max's voices not as good as the previous game; clunky action controls.

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  • They're nuts if they think that the voice acting for either Sam or Max is inadequate. If anything, I think it's probably the most pleasant surprised I've seen from the game so far. Especially Max's voice. Not only captures the nature of a psychotic bunny, but also has a voice that is "cute and marketable". In other words, slightly grating. I love it.

  • I really like the original actors, too.

    I like the news ones, also. I think Sam's voice could be a little less flattened. He reminds me of Duchovny. Max is dead-on perfect.

  • The voice acting on both, Sam and Max is very good. I don´t share their opinion that Sam has got a boring voice, it fits exactly in my opinion. Also yeah, Bosco is a prime example but the other Characters are very well done aswell.

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